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Global Consumer Voice provides it members to take part in surveys and win rewards. GCV members can win thousands of dollars by taking part in the surveys and letting us know your valuable opinion that helps the companies to take steps to provide better services to you.
1) How do I join Global Consumer voice?
You should be 18 or over, should have a valid email address and should be a legal resident of United States to join our panel.

Joining Global Consumer Voice Online Panel is FREE!! and very easy.

it only takes few minutes. Join now and start earning GCV rewards right away!!
2) Why should I join the Global Consumer Voice Research Panel?
  • Your Opinions are the ideas of the new Brands
  • You can win cash & prizes for all completed surveys and for voicing your opinion.
  • Altogether You can Have Fun & Joy and most exciting thing is you can answer at the comfort of your office, home or on the go..
  • This is Not Spam, We won't sell anything It's voicing your opinions and the information is compiled as a group of responses in combination with other panel members, which will help our clients in decision making for their product development and launching.
  • Everything is CONFIDENTIAL Please review our privacy policy for details.
  • So, why wait, join now and start earning rewards..
4) I can't sign in to my account?
Please note that login details are case sensitive. If you continue to experience difficulties accessing your account, please email GCV Panel Support
5) What is the purpose of providing the detail/personal information to our panel?
The demographic information collected from you is strictly for classification purpose only and to identify you for suitable surveys and to receive and group your responses/opinions with other panelists. This information is protected and used for our analysis only. Your personal identity is always kept confidential and is neither sold or revealed to third party nor used in sales/marketing. This is strictly collected for the purpose of the survey and is only used in combination with responses from other members of the panel. For more information on your privacy please see our Privacy Policy section.
6) How would I alert the availability of a New Survey?
GCV will invite all types of surveys via emails with which you been registered with in our panel along with the type of survey you are qualified for, and survey instructions and details about “how to take the survey” and incentive information all will be in the survey invitation. You can also view your surveys by logging into your GCV Panel account.
7) How long does it take to complete a survey?
Surveys will vary in length, and you will be rewarded for your timespent in various methods like datapoints/cash and entered in drawings.
8) Can I re-start or resume the survey which ends in prematurely?
Regrettably, It’s not possible to reset your survey answers/responses. Please resume further as best as you can do remaining of the survey.
9) How do I know if you received my survey?
The last page of every survey contains a "Thank-you for completing the GCV survey" message. This means that we have received your survey information. Every type of survey link which you have been received is custom-made authentic and had a distinctive ID. With this distinctive ID number, we can track on which surveys you have accessed and completed.
11) How do I cancel my membership?
If you change your mind about participating in the panel, you can opt out in a couple ways. When you receive an email invitation you can reply to it with the word "unsubscribe" in the body of the message or reply or click on unsubscribe to deactivate for the account. You can also e-mail (from the email id you have used to create your membership) to GCV Panel Support with the word Remove in the subject and your membership in community will be inactivated.
12) What if I did not get my confirmation email upon registration?
It only takes a few minutes for GCV Application to send your message out. Due to network jams or traffic, it may delay in getting your confirmation. Please also check for the message in any Bulk/Junk/Spam boxes also, as email providers will sometimes consider few emails as spam. If still any problem getting your confirmation, please write to GCV Panel Support
13) How often may I participate? only conducts professional market research. Therefore our surveys are by invitation only and to ensure the highest standards of professional research you can take any given survey only once.
14) About your GCV reward points expire?
Your GCV's reward points do not expire. Your reward-points balance will only ever decrease when you redeem your GCV reward points. However, if you choose to leave GCV Panel, your GCV points will be deleted along with your account. It is recommended that you redeem all remaining GCV reward points before resigning your account. Or else go to the 'My Account' page on the 'Members' area to see all your GCV reward points transactions.
15) Why didn't I get rewarded for a survey?
Very soonly, after completing the survey your awarded with the reward stated in the survey invitation. If you were not gifted the right amount of GCV Survey Points/Bonus or Sweepstakes entries for completing a survey. please, contact us at GCV Panel Support and provide the survey invitation link or the survey number in question.We will addressee this immediately.
16) How do I receive my check?
Gifts/Vouchers/Checks may expect to reach you not less than 6 weeks after the date of deliverance was requested. If still not not received within the time mentioned above. Please write to us at contact us or GCV Panel Support We will make sure you are rewarded.