Global Consumer Voice provides it members to take part in surveys and win rewards. GCV members can win thousands of dollars by taking part in the surveys and letting us know your valuable opinion that helps the companies to take steps to provide better services to you.
Global Data Solutions Inc ("GDS")'s Global Consumer Voice ("GCV") is an Online Market Research Community Panel where the members and the clients are rewarded !
Sign Up for FREE with GDS's Global Consumer Voice to become a member of our panel and participate in the surveys to get rewarded. Please participate in the surveys and let your opinion direct the decision of organization(s) make about the products and services you use every day. The identity of our panel participants is highly secured with 256-bit SSL encryption. GDS offer rewards for participation in a survey or series of surveys at your convenient time. You can cancel your membership at any time.
Global Consumer Voice is an independent online panel of GDS offering good value for money for our esteem clients. Our online data collection with our high quality panel will help our clients in decision making. Consumer activism is not just about buying and selling; it also involves issues such as the environment, quality, research needs and poverty. GCV is part of global campaign of increasing the competition among CPG Manufacturers and will result in generating economic products in global market.

We respond hastily and with high quality standards to the pre-requisites of our clients and process their projects. We keep you connected with the customers by providing highest quality market research services to the clients. With large consumer profiles available we provide the accurate results for your surveys. Based on your consumer market we have different panels available that takes you to consumers that are difficult to reach.

Our Global Consumer Voice (GCV) has different specialty & scientific panels that provide their valued opinions across the globe. GCV provides the extremely high profiled, most broadly employed, most commonly refreshed and mostly bothered for online panels available to researchers. With access to heavily profiled consumer and B2B, B2C and B2E markets & it's no surprise that thousands of Market Research firms looking towards GCV as their global research partner.

We help our panel community individuals to express, collect, share and compare quantitative and qualitative opinions.